Real Equivalent English

Boosting class reservation by 89% with Social Media Management


Zharkwave uses several strategies employed by Real Equivalent English to raise brand awareness in a competitive market, such as targeted marketing campaigns, social media engagement, and partnerships with local educational institutions. It highlights the unique approach of Real Equivalent English in offering immersive English language experiences through real-life scenarios, bridging the gap between language learning and practical application. Real Equivalent English has achieved the desired number of impressions through a content marketing campaign

Class Reservation Increased
+ 50 %
Instagram Reach Increased
10 K%
Facebook Reach Increased
15 K%

The Plan

  • Comprehensive market research. Including: competitors, audience, and trends.
  • Creation of engaging and informative content that highlights the benefits of learning English.
  • Maintain a consistent social media posting schedule to showcase English First brand and boost organic reach.

Key to Success

  • Increasing brand recognition in Social Media throughout various platforms for various audiences.
  • The ability to reach audiences across Central Java to attend the REE school program.

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