Suiden Bali

Bridging the gap between local and international markets


Suiden Bali, a B2B furniture manufacturer located in Bali, needed to expand their reach and drive sales beyond their traditional local market. The challenge was to develop a campaign that could effectively target a diverse audience across Facebook’s advertising platforms, using data-driven insights from audience research. The campaign needed to increase brand awareness and sales for Suiden Bali while also providing valuable insights into the behavior and preferences of their target audience.

Increased in Leads
200 %
Increased in Instagram Reach
10 K%
Increased in Facebook Reach
30 K%

The Plan

  • Launch a targeted lead generation with Facebook and Instagram ads campaign
  • Develop a social media management plan for B2B furniture supplier
  • Design and create content according to the social media plan.
  • Maintain a consistent social media posting schedule to showcase Suiden Bali brand and boost organic reach.

Key to Success

  • Rebuilding all of Suiden Bali’s creative assets into a dynamic feed-based solution. 
  • Being able to greater understand furniture purchase behavior, gave us a new way to optimize the media to best suit our audiences.
  • The ability to reach international business leaders with highly personalized ad copy.

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