Ion's Culinary College

Building social success to achieve 10M+ impression


Ions Culinary College is a premier culinary school that offers world-class culinary education to aspiring chefs and food enthusiasts. With its state-of-the-art facilities, experienced faculty, and innovative teaching methods, the college has established itself as a leading institution in the culinary industry. Ions Culinary College has achieved the desired number of impressions through a content marketing campaign

Increase in Engagement
60 %
Increased in Instagram Reach
20 %
Increased in Facebook Reach
10 %

The Plan

  • Implementing a comprehensive marketing strategy, including creative social media content and copywriting.
  • Brand experience, brand value, and competitors analysis to develop a brand persona.
  • Maintain a consistent social media posting schedule to showcase ION’s culinary brand and boost organic reach.

Key to Success

  • Increasing brand recognition in Social Media throughout various platforms for various audiences.
  • The ability to reach audiences outside of Java to attend Ions Culinary College school program.

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