Career at Zharkwave

Reach your full potential and share happiness with our team.

Grow with us

We create a culture that is both humane and inspire people to learn, create, and share.

Work from anywhere

Zharkwave started as a way to work while maintaining work life balance. We have been working remotely for years so we know how to do it. We will prepare everything you need to work comfortably from home. However, if you work near our offices (once they are back open), we have a desk waiting for you.

Support everyone

At Zharkwave, we adapt our working hours to suit our clients’ needs, however we offer flexibility while ensuring that the tasks are completed and communication remains transparent with their respective teams. Whether it’s accommodating parents juggling multiple blocks of work around feedings, daycare drop-offs, and baseball games or catering to night owls who prefer working late into the night or early birds who rise with the dawn to seize opportunities, we’ve got everyone covered.

Work life balance

Zharkies prioratize work life balance and the time spend away from their desks and logged into their computers. It is important people have time they need outside of work to grow their happiness so when they are at work, they are firing on all cylinders and doing the best work of their lives for our clients. national holidays, company holidays, and PTOs.

Other Job Openings

Search Specialist

We are seeking a highly skilled and motivated Search Specialist to join our dynamic digital marketing agency. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM), with a proven track record of dri…

Creative Specialist

Work with the team members to plan and develop strategic content according to project objectives.
Develop static image and video advertising assets to drive client performance across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other digital platf…

Junior Project Manager

Provide end-to-end project management. Work with the operation team to ensure that all projects are on schedule. Review and monitor all ongoing projects on a daily basis . Defining and documenting project scope and resource requi..

Digital Marketing Sales Specialist

Individually prospect, pitch, and close the deal with enthusiasm to build a new network and introduce Zharkwave’s product and service. Responsible for project renewals, cross-selling, and upselling
Identify or proposes potential business dea…

Perks of working with us

Culture of Ownership

Zharkwave is owned by the people who work here so everyone knows that we’re in this together!

Learning & Development

Mentor program, paid certificates, and more.

Parental Leave

16 weeks leave with 100% pay for primary caregivers (6 weeks for partners)

Training & Development

At Zharkwave, embracing the value of “Inspiring, Impacting, Innovating” is fundamental. We foster a culture of ongoing growth by implementing a performance optimization framework that ensures each Zharkies can confidently answer two crucial questions: 1) How am I performing? 2) What’s next for me?


Zharkwave hosts internship and Apprenticeship programs. A 12-week program that provides real hands-on digital experience via a multi-channel approach develops the skill sets of people new to digital marketing so they can hit the ground running.


Zharkwave is committed to grow happiness and make meaningful impact in ourselves and teammates. We invest in our team and promote autonomy that allows us to be our best. When our team are happy, our clients prosper, elevating everything we do.

Yes, at Zharkwave we promote work from anywhere. Therefore, enabling you to work at your fullest potential.

The traits vary depending on the role, but we designed our questions to understand candidates potential to grow. Generally, we look for not only expertise but a strong desire to keep on learning, high intelligence (both intellectual and emotional), a passion for tech, serious work ethic, desire to grow and excel.

We would like to understand you better by hearing about your past experiences and achievements that have equipped you for the role you are seeking at Zharkwave. Please take some time to review the job description and conduct research on our team and company. During the interview, be prepared to share specific examples that showcase your strengths and feel free to ask any questions you may have about the opportunity, demonstrating your genuine curiosity. Prioritize your well-being by ensuring you get enough sleep and have a good breakfast before the interview.

Asking thoughtful questions during the interview showcases your comprehension, curiosity, and enthusiasm, so feel free to be inquisitive. Moreover, the interview is a chance for you to learn more about us as well.

No need to dress formally to impress us. Feel free to wear whatever makes you feel most at ease. However, since all our interviews are conducted via Google Meet at this time, we kindly ask that you wear pants, though they are technically optional.

Yes, we offer internship programs designed to provide valuable work experience and learning opportunities for students and recent graduates.

To initiate the process, please email us your CV and cover letter to [email protected] If your qualifications match our requirements, we will get in touch with you either through an email address or via LinkedIn to arrange an interview. The interview process consists of a phone interview with a recruiter, followed by an interview with the hiring manager. Finally, there will be a panel interview with the team, which may include a skills assessment or project evaluation.

The recruiter will assess the timeline for the position you’ve applied for, and you can expect to receive a status update within one week after your interview.

If you wish to express gratitude to your interviewers, our recruiter can furnish you with the names and contact details to facilitate sending thank you notes.