Bellamia Skincare

Driving sales through WhatsApp marketing strategy


Bellamia Skincare’s holistic WhatsApp Business strategy combined catalogs, auto messages, labels, promotions, and personalized customer interactions. This seamless shopping experience, offering more than just products, drove sales and created loyal customers.

Bellamia Skincare has been leveraging WhatsApp Business to drive sales and create a loyal customer base. The challenge is to increase sales through WhatsApp marketing strategies. The strategy must provide a seamless shopping experience that offers more than just products and drives sales while also building brand awareness and increasing customer engagement. 


Engagement increased
+ 100 %
Sales generated
+ 50 %
Customer repurchase
+ 10 %



Our approach to increasing sales through WhatsApp marketing strategies for Bellamia Skincare involves leveraging the platform’s capabilities. Our approach includes:

  • Catalog pictures: We created a catalog of product pictures that showcase Bellamia Skincare’s unique offerings in an appealing way. 
  • Engaging Messages: A set of messages that allows customers to engage with Bellamia. 
  • Labels: We will use labels to categorize customers by their behavior. 
  • Personalized promotions: Using the labels we have created, we will create personalized promotions for different customer segments.

We used internal data to optimize our approach and ensure the highest ROI for Bellamia Skincare.

  • Creating a product catalog that caters to the Bellamia Skincare audience
  • Personalized promotion through WhatsApp messaging 
  • Labeling customers based on purchase behavior
  • Leveraging all of WhatsApp Business application capabilities

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