DAB Furniture

Digital Marketing Strategy to increase organic traffic


DAB furniture Bali is a multi-national furniture company, with its headquarter being in Bali, Indonesia. DAB wanted to improve their organic search visibility and dominate the furniture market.

DAB were lacking a functioning branded website that is necessary to implement Search Engine Optimizations. Therefore Zharkwave had to develop a functioning website for DAB to start their SEO campaign. 

Leads Increase from SEO + SMM
100 %
Increased in Instagram Reach
50 K%
Increased in Organic Traffic
1.1 K%

The Plan

  • Created a new branded website for DAB furniture.
  • Develop an SEO and  social media management plan for B2B furniture supplier
  • Design and create content according to the social media and SEO plan.
  • Maintain a consistent social media posting schedule to showcase DAB Furniture brand and boost organic reach.

Key to Success

  • Developing a branded SEO Optimized website.
  • Creating multiple blogs article to gain traffic and keyword index by Google
  • Continuous improvement plans for social media and SEO based of data gathered throughout the campaign.
  • Targeted keyword and blog articles to DABs market interest


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