Doubling In-Store Revenue +212% with Improved Performance Marketing


One of the biggest coffee shop around the world. Starbucks has since open several shops around Indonesia. With emphasis on driving in-store revenue, Starbucks advertising effort was limited in scope and complexity; they needed defined goals that will help the brand.

Store Visit Revenue
+ 100 %
Store Visit ROAS
0 %
Increased in Conversion
+ 200 %

The Plan

  • Set a ROAS goal with the client.
  • Launch a targeted conversion campaign with Facebook and Instagram ads campaign
  • Launch targeted Google Search map campaign with Starbucks promos.

Key to Success

  • Identifying the strategies that were most suitable to reach Starbucks goals.
  • ¬†Brand and non-brand keyword research and effectively splitting the keywords to several groups
  • Exciting in-store promo for customer who saw the ads.


We worked closely with Starbucks to access offline data and data from Paid Social & Search campaigns, which are managed internally. This collaboration enables us to maintain a consistent and unified message across different touchpoints for customers. By presenting a consistent message with increased frequency, we have been able to achieve significant revenue growth, surpassing our initial goals.

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