Galmaegi Indonesia

Increase Restaurant MoM Traffic by 215% for Galmaegi

Galmaegi Indonesia


Galmaegi Indonesia, a Korean restaurant in Bali, offers a variety of Korean dishes, including grilled meat and spicy kimchi soup. To stand out among other Korean restaurants in the area, they partnered with Zharkwave to launch a paid search ad campaign. The primary KPI of the campaign is to rank #1 on Google and Google Maps for keywords like “Korean Restaurant” and “Korean BBQ.”


List of goals we plan to achieve:

  • Improve marketing cost-effectiveness.
  • Attract new users from Google Search and Google Maps.
  • Enhance Restaurant visibility on Google search and Google maps as key channels of operation.
  • Boost restaurant traffic.
  • Generate direction traffic for Google Maps.


To effectively increase Galmaegi restaurant visitors and rank #1 on Google, Zharkwave implemented a full-fledge Google Search campaign leveraging data-driven insights and keywords research.


Conducted market research, keyword research & competitive analysis to identify Galmaegi’s target audience, competitors, and industry trends. This helped create a data-driven marketing plan aligned with Galmaegi’s business objectives.


Developed a customized paid search ad campaign with carefully crafted ad copies, and precise keyword targeting based on the identified business model.

Action Steps

Implemented the paid search ad campaign, continuously monitoring search terms and optimizing ads to improve performance. 


Tracked campaign performance using various analytics tools and metrics, including impressions, clicks, conversions (directions & calls) and Google My Business data. Analyzed data to gain insights and made data-driven adjustments to optimize results.

Main Results

Decrease in CPA (conversion)
- 65 %
Direction to store increase MoM
180 %
Return on Ad Spent (ROAS)
750 %

The Plan

  • Launch a targeted Google Search campaign for Galmaegi’ Google Map location
  • Develop a Google Map ads strategy for FNB business located in Bali.
  • Conversion is recorded when they call the business or start direction to the location.

Key to Success

  • Understanding the market behavior when it comes to FNB industry in Bali
  • Create tailored ads for the campaign.
  • Target high intent keywords such as “Korean Restaurant” “Korean BBQ” “한식당” etc.
  • Develop ad copies and creative tailored for tourist in Bali.
  • The ability to target people near the restaurant and during opening hours of the restaurant.

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