Bambootel Luxury Resort

Boosting Resort Reservation with Targeted Google Ads


Bambootel is a luxury boutique resort located in Bali, Indonesia. The resort wants to increase their reservation from their booking page. This will be their first time running ads on Google. However, they want to go straight into revenue generation campaign with targeted countries from America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Monthly Conversion Increase
150 %
Decrease in CPA
- 50 %
Return on Ad Spent (ROAS)
950 %

The Plan

  • Launch a targeted Google Search campaign for client’s sawah view landing page.
  • Develop a Google Map ads strategy for audience looking for luxury resort / villa in specified countries.
  • Conversion is recorded when audience click on the button to the booking page of Bambootel.
  • Transaction is counted once a transaction is completed from the booking page.

Key to Success

  • Understanding the hospitality market behavior for specified countries.
  • Create a tailored and generic ads for the campaign.
  • Target high intent keywords and purchase intent keywords.
  • Develop a tailored ad copies for each targeted keywords.
  • The ability to target people by their income.

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