Facebook Indonesia Trends for B2C Business

B2C marketing trends and best practices on Facebook in Indonesia. It highlights Facebook’s dominance in the digital landscape, explores Indonesian digital marketing trends, and emphasizes the role of personalized content, mobile optimization, video engagement, and localized targeting.

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Facebook Indonesia Trends for B2C Business​

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People heavily depend on social media to access information and satisfy their search needs. Dominant social media applications, like Meta, have a strong presence in the digital realm. Meta, a key player in today’s market, facilitates global connections. Its sub-platforms—Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger—were utilized by around 3.65 billion monthly individuals in the second quarter of 2022.

Using Data Reportal’s projection of 212.9 million Facebook users by 2023, internet penetration will be 77.0 percent. In Indonesia, Facebook is the first most popular app, with its advertisements reaching approximately 196 million potential viewers, accounting for around 70.2% of the Indonesian populace.

This guide explores:

  • Indonesian Digital Marketing Trends
  • Opportunities in Indonesia Digital Marketing
  • Facebook B2C Audience Behavior in Indonesia
  • Strength and Weakness of Facebook in Indonesia
  • Facebook features for B2C Marketing
  • Facebook Best Practices for Indonesia B2C