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Quote Created: November 13, 2023
Quote Expires: December 13, 2023
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You will receive a month-to-month service for our Google Display Network, including but not limited to:

  • Ads placement: Google Display Network
  • Ads account creation
    • Campaign research
    • Campaign setup and configuration
    • Campaign media plan
  • Campaign ads creation
    • Ad copy creation
    • 1 set ads banner creation
    • Ads refresh every 3 month
    • Keyword research
  • Campaign run
    • Daily regular campaign monitoring
    • Daily regular campaign optimization
    • Landing page suggestion and improvement ideas
    • Landing page content consultation
    • Remarketing campaign
    • Geotargeting optimization: Optimize ads to specific locations to boost conversions and ROI
    • Audience Targeting Optimization: Utilize Google’s audience targeting options to reach users who are more likely to be interested in your offerings.
  • Bid Management: Adjust bids based on performance data and goals
  • Campaign estimates depend on the client’s budget
  • Weekly report and analysis
  • Dedicated dashboard URL link allowing you to monitor progress at any given time 24/7/365
  • Quarterly review report with our experts, where they will walk you through the work carried out in the last 3 months, show you the results generated and outline the steps we’ll take for the next quarter.
  • Contract duration: 3 months

Google Display Ads Fees

Campaign Set Up
Campaign build & Set up


Conversion Tracking Set Up
Campaign build & Set up


Google Display Ads – Management & Optimization
20% of the agreed ad spend, or Rp2,000,000; whichever is greater.


Purchase terms:

Payment Terms & Methods
Google Display Ads
Payment terms: prepaid monthly/quarterly/semester
Payment methods: bank transfer
*All prices are subject to 11% Govt Tax (April 2022)

Can Ads Projection Become Invalid?
Yes. How and when does it happen?
1. Changes on the web/landing page are not performing
Minor changes should take no more than 5 days, while major changes should take no more than 4 weeks.

2. Clashing Services.
Any other Ads service(s) must not be used while using Zharkwave’s Ads service at the same time.
When the projection/target becomes invalid, both parties shall discuss and set a new target. Alternatively, Zharkwave has the right to stop the contract and the client shall make a payment of a one-month management fee (if there are any outstanding months unpaid, prorated from the total budget). Any discussion shall be written/recorded by both parties.

What’s Next
Let us know your budget and we will share the quotation, or send the official Purchase Order to us.

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